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Pandemic Panoply: The Full List of 365 Artists/Songs A Day

Out of the despair and boredom of the Coronavirus, here is my ambitious project of 365 days of different artists captured in one fantastic song each. From my intro to Day One (April 27, 2020):

As I spend my birthday in confinement, or at least the shelter-at-home of COVID-ment, I decide to launch a year's worth of tributes to 365 noteworthy songs from 365 artists.  It will simply give me something productive to do until life gets back to normal, which I doubt happens by my 59th birthday. I doubt anyone will follow it with any regularity.

As best as I can, I will choose a song/artist each day because recently hearing that song will trigger thoughts. (I do a lot of random play of my collection, so this increases these moments of chance.) Unfortunately, I am not well-versed in musical theory, so the commentary will carry the banality of those who can't.

Finally, as much as I can, I also hope not to always choose an artist's "best" song, but one that resonates at the moment.

Day Forty: The Jam "Town Called Malice"

Day Thirty-Nine: Atlanta Rhythm Section "I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight"

Day Thirty-Eight: The Triffids "Stolen Property"

Day Thirty-Seven: Mongo Santamaria "Yeh Yeh"

Day Thirty-Six: Neil Young "Powderfinger"

Day Thirty-Five: Courtney Barnett "Sunday Roast"

Day Thirty-Four: Creedence Clearwater Revival "Fortunate Son"

Day Thirty-Three: A Flock Of Seagulls "Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)"

Day Thirty-Two: World Party "Is It Like Today"

Day Thirty-One: The Eurythmics "Seventeen Again"

Day Thirty: The Who "You Better You Bet"

Day Twenty-Nine: Lucinda Williams "Soldier's Song"

Day Twenty-Eight: The Killers "When You Were Young"

Day Twenty-Seven: The Ramones "We're A Happy Family"

Day Twenty-Six: The Motors "Love And Loneliness"

Day Twenty-Five: ABBA "Knowing Me, Knowing You"

Day Twenty-Four: Elvis Costello "How To Be Dumb"

Day Twenty-Three: Beth Hart "Thankful"

Day Twenty-Two: The Go-Go's "Forget That Day"

Day Twenty-One: The Raspberries "I Wanna Be With You"

Day Twenty: The Smiths "I Started Something I Couldn't Finish"

Day Nineteen: John Mellencamp "Rain On The Scarecrow"

Day Eighteen: INXS"What You Need"

Day Seventeen: Donnie Iris "Ah! Leah!"

Day Sixteen: The Psychedelic Furs "All Of This And Nothing"

Day Fifteen: Justin Currie "If I Ever Loved You"

Day Fourteen: Cocteau Twins "Persephone"

Day Thirteen: The Boo Radleys "Stuck On Amber"

Day Twelve: Stevie Wonder "I Wish"

Day Eleven: The Traveling Wilburys "Handle With Care"

Day Ten: Van Morrison "Wonderful Remark"

Day Nine: The Kinks "Superman"

Day Eight: Dawes "My Girl To Me"

Day Seven: The Band "The Weight"

Day Six: Blondie "Picture This"

Day Five: X "See How We Are"

Day Four: Tanya Donelly "Oh Me Of Little Faith"

Day Three: The Soul Children "Who Is She (And What Is She To You)"

Day Two: Midnight Oil "Sometimes."

Day One: Big Country "Chance."