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Welcome to "It's All Academic."  It started as a book (more information here) and evolved into more than 400 weekly blogs.  Many initially were about issues of higher education, but after 6 years, there is little new in that subject matter to discuss, so I digress more often into social or personal topics. Perhaps I should now name the site "It's No Longer All Academic." 

As best as they can be, the blogs are organized by the archives in the menu.

Current blogs: Hegone Engler (John Engler resigning as Michigan State University President)

Your Sin On My Tongue (Random Poem)

Cheaaaat! (When machines start cheating)

Longhand (The complexities of life cannot be reduced to trite sayings)

A bevy of recent blogs:

For Want (Turning a proverbial saying on its head)

Scooby-Doo And The Campus Kelpie (Abandoned colleges lead to mystery)

I At The Front Of Inertia (Self-doubts)

Leftovers (Random pieces of blogs merged into one)

Namecheck Please! (If academics namechecked like musicians)

For Good (God) (Midterm election ruminations)

Officer Blues (On the proliferation of chief officers in academia)

Elegy For Love (Self-explanatory)

Your Place In Hell (Poem on the despicable people in the world)

Verbalizing (Needless turning of nouns into verbs)

It's Probably Nothing & Ashamed Of The Story I Told (On assuming the worst)

Never SWOT The Dog (Loose dogs & strategic planning)

Low Sink, Oh (The depths we seem to sink in politics these days)

See blog categories to left for archives.


 About David Fleming

I have been a faculty member and administrator in Higher Education for 30+ years, currently serving as Vice President of instruction at Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac, Michigan, a great two-year academic option for students interested in the full college experience.  Thus ends my advertisement.