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Welcome to "It's All Academic."  It started as a book (more information here) and evolved into 8+ years of (almost regular) weekly blogs, sometimes still on academia, sometimes on everything but academia.

As best as they can be, the blogs are organized by the archives in the menu.

Current blogs: Artifacts and Academics: The Sea Cloud (The first in a series of reflections on the academic spirit of one's artifacts)

Gun, Gas, or Grain (Poem on family history)

Cloud of My Tongue (Word clouding a presentation)


Recent blogs on Academia:

It All Makes Sense (Making sense of the open syllabi project)

A Kind Of Article Review (In PP) (Using PowerPoint to discuss the drawbacks of PowerPoint)

Forgive An Even Older Middle-Aged Man His Memories (Part Two) (Or, more about what I don't remember from my college days)

Spin Cycles (How a college tries to smooth a dean's ugly public remark)

The History of Higher Education (As Told Through Limerick)

Academics & Assessment (The new role-playing game sweeping Academia)

How To Put Your Budget Down (Facing budget hearings)

Reflections In A Stagnant Pool (The exhaustion of conferencing)

The Results of the Bracketology Task Force (A tournament of all things Committee)

Everything You Know About St. Patrick Is Wrong (Patrick is the patron saint of academia)

Long-Range Missives (Long-Range Planning)

The Nothing Economy (When education produces nothing)

Recent blogs of a more personal nature:

Sounds of Pleasure (A Tribute to Ric Ocasek)

Cast (Final decision)

Boomerang (More deciding)

The Hat, The Ring (Deciding)

Trying To Find The Familiar In The Unfamiliar (Poetry interpretation)

In An Unfamiliar Place (Poem that is part cadiac chronicles, part academic)

Narrower (A Story Straight From The Ticker) (The cardiac chronicles continue)

Trash (Poem about the increasing trash in the world, some of it byproduct)

Staring Down The Monsters (On reviewing emails from the month before my heart attack)

Raise (On being a parent)

See blog categories to left for archives.

 About David Fleming

I have been a faculty member and administrator in Higher Education for 30+ years, currently serving as Vice President of instruction at Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac, Michigan, a great two-year academic option for students interested in the full college experience.  Thus ends my advertisement.