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Archives: The Education Blogs

HEAD (Higher Education Administrator Diaries) Archives: For the fall semester 2012, I kept a daily journal of the life of a higher education administrator.  The archives of that semester, week by week, can be linked from here.

Bracketology 2013 Archives: In Spring 2013, I ran the Higher Education Concerns Tournament.  The archives of that 2 week series of blogs can be linked from here.

Islands of Hope Archives: From the beginning of this website, I had always hoped to promote a lot of "People Who Get It," institutions, academics, commentators who saw the way higher education needed to be reformed. Over the years, I have either become more cynical, finding less "People Who Get It," or there truly aren't that many who get it.  Nevertheless, there are a number of blogs that have arisen from something positive.  The archives of these blogs can be linked from here.

Education By Association Archives: Sometimes the best way to make a point about higher education is to connect it with a song, a movie, a game, an historical event.  My favorite kind of blog.  The archives of these blogs can be linked from here.

Responding to the Ridiculous Archives: The majority of blogs come from something stupid I have seen or heard.  Thank God the internet can bring all sorts of obscure stories from across academia to my door.  The archives of these blogs can be linked from here.

General Musings Archives: When feeling the pressure of writing blogs regularly, and not being inspired by the good, the bad and the ugly of higher education headlines, I often have to resort to general pondering on topics.  Often there is an indirect link referenced somewhere in the blog, but these blogs represent musings not easily categorized in any other way. The archives of these blogs can be linked from here.

And then there is just the generic "Higher Education Headlines I would Like To See," a brief foray into altering headlines that lasted a few weeks in 2013.  Probably would have been pretty easy to keep going if I had maintained the momentum.