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HEAD Diary Archives

For the fall semester 2012, I kept a daily journal of the life of a higher education administrator.  The archives of that semester, week by week, can be found here. Click on weekly archives by hovering over the weekly links.

From Week Fifteen: Highlights from the semester's blogs; Lowlights from the semester's blogs; Hanging with the band and not the academics; MLA interviews--mean, lousy and asinine; Holiday Parties out the wazoo; Monty Python College.

From Week Fourteen: Trickle Down Transfer Credits; Affordable Care Act Reactions in Higher Ed; Finding Experts; Hilarious Website--Thanks, Textbooks; WVU Mascot in Trouble for Hunting with Musket

From Week Thirteen: Sleep Apnea Tests as Model Exams; Cutesy Names for Days following Thanksgiving;Doing Away with the "Reply All"; Getting Sloppy with Blogs; Friday Follies Follow Ups

From Week Twelve:  Public speaking and charisma; The Radio Interview; Gratitude at Thanksgiving

From Week Eleven:  A M*A*S*H Model for Higher education; Incentives not to screw up and graduate; Meetings and Minutes; This Blog Has No Title; Hours of Operation

From Week Ten: The Way We Work; The End of the World and the End of Letting audience members ask questions; For Profit universities; Electoral College and Educational College; On Standing

From Week Nine:  On teaching again; All Saints on Campus; all Ghouls on Campus; On Having Nothing to Say; Booklists

From Week Eight: Iconic Sunnyside and WVU; Advisory Boards; On Maintaining a Diary; On how the Non-techie, Non -teacher Must Write about Both; Removing an Instructor

From Week Seven:  Student Evaluations & Job Applications; Pop Culture Academics; How Difficult is it to get a videocamera set up; Teaching Blogs; Corporate and Academic Kidnapping

From Week Six: High School Counselor Luncheons, Part I and II; On Surveys; Scheduling Nightmares; Surviving Conferences

From Week Five: Conference Summary; Is No Place Safe from Spam; Master Calendars

From Week Four: Out of Office Message; Transfer Scenarios; Computer Down! Computer Down!; Webinars

From Week Three: Benchmarking; When is Enough, Enough; Hot Dog Eating Contests; Roaming Around Notre Dame; Constitution Day

From Week Two: Curriculum and Instruction Meetings; Teachers and Mentored Students; Colorado State's Offensive Job Posting; Fear of Over Communication; On Serving the Community

From Week One: RUN SMC; The Expenses of Professional Development; Health Care at Colleges; First Day of Classes