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Sometimes the best way to make a point is to associate education with a sport or a song or a movie.  My favorite kind of blogs.

July 15, 2023: Dispatches From The Warden (Higher Education as an imprisonment scheme)

May 23, 2023: So Few Fish For The School (Poem on feeding frenzies for students)

March 5, 2023: Well, If This Ain't A Cold Fisch Schlap To The Cheek (Finlandia University closing)

January 24, 2023: We Should Have Patented The Damn Thing (Higher Education as the ultimate Escape Room)

November 27, 2022: Buyer's Remiss (Buying a car and buying a degree)

March 5, 2022: Day Time In The Switching Yard (Community colleges as giant switching yards)

December 10, 2021: The Savage Scavenger Hunt (Curriculum meetings are really just academic scavenger hunts)

August 28, 2021: Yes, I Am Blind (Experiential blindness in the classroom)

June 23, 2021: My Biometric Timeclock Is Ticking (Going to biometric timeclocks in higher ed)

April 12, 2021: Five Million Minutes (On preparing for a Reaffirmation of Accreditation visit)

November 24, 2020: A Cold Cambridge Case (Forensic Files and a theft from Cambridge libraries)

December 19, 2019: The A Watch (Apple watches for academics)

April 22, 2019: Academics & Assessment (Academic version of D&D)

March 30, 2019: The Results of The Bracketology Task Force (Seeding the world of committees)

March 17, 2019: Everything You Know About St. Patrick Is Wrong (St. Patrick is really the patron saint of academia)

December 4, 2018: Scooby-Doo And The Campus Kelpie (The gang investigate a haunted, abandoned campus)

November 16, 2018: Namecheck Please! (If academics namedropped like musicians)

September 24, 2018: Never SWOT The Dog (On loose dogs and even looser SWOT analysis)

July 28, 2018: Both Could Use A Better Circulatory System (More sad comparisons between higher ed and health care)

November 22, 2017: Leave My Grits Alone (When did grit become something good?)

November 1, 2017: Falling Forward (Implementing a credit hour fall back and spring forward initiative)

September 7, 2017: Stress Competency Testing (Using nuclear stress testing on academics)

April 18, 2017: We Are Not United . . . Oops! (Similarities between higher education and the airline industry)

January 19, 2017: As We Lay Dying (On the world post election)

January 10, 2017: We Bring Interesting Things to Light (Gainful employment)

December 13, 2016: 50 Ways To Lose Your Learner (Challenges with retention)

July 24, 2016: What You Zone (Absurdity of local zoning ordinances)

April 7, 2016: Capstone Blues (On the sorry state of higher ed)

February 5, 2016: Undone--The Sweater Wrong (Offensive University Promotion to Cut Down Energy Usage)

December 1, 2015: A Connecticut Husky in King College's Court (On artifacts from 1600 student life in Wales)

July 22, 2015: When Things Are Rotten (Higher ed needs Robin Hood and his band of merry men)

June 9, 2015: Are You Credentialed (HLC requirements for faculty credentials)

February 16, 2015: 88 (Head)lines about 44 Colleges (Recent higher education headlines)

January 28, 2015: Delicate Thing: The College Mixtape (Reaction to loosely used metaphor that college is not a mixtape)

November 25, 2014: Round Tables & Block Heads (Kean University's outrageously expensive conference table)

October 28, 2014: Could All Of Us Just Get One Mulligan (Fixing higher ed is like trying to fix a golf course)

October 20, 2014: America's Favorite  Game: Academic Challenge (State of Education as Game Show)

August 16, 2014: Jaws: This Time It's Financial (Late Summer Enrollment Panic)

August 5, 2014: The End of Academe As We Know It (Gloom and Doom in Higher Education Set to R.E.M.)

May 22, 2014: The Concert for Whatamess (Faculty member Ravi Shankar gets promoted while in jail)

April 20, 2014: It's A GAS, GAS, GAS (Using Social Media like High-Class Restaurants Now Use It)

March 1, 2014: "Gee Whiz!!" (On E. Gordon Gee getting the permanent presidency at West Virginia University)

February 1, 2014: Groundhog's Day Card From A Looker In Academepolis (Turning a Tom Waits' song into snow-filled depression)

December 27, 2013: A Tale of Two Pities (Comparison of Morrissey autobiography and book on academia)

October 23, 2013: Even A Dog Can Strategic Plan (Dog gets MBA offer from online university)

September 21, 2013: The Hits Keep Coming (Student Success Summit thoughts)

September 9, 2013: The Doctor Will See You . . . Next Semester (Higher ed compared to the health care system)

August 30, 2013: West Uh-Oh Field (Presidential scandal)

July 21, 2013: Wait, Wait, Don't Teach Me (NPR's needed higher education quiz)

May 29, 2013: There Is No Disputin' The Ghost Of Rasputin (Academia's awkward parallels with the mad monk and Romanov Russia)

May 16, 2013: The No Confidence Vote:  Higher Education's Version of 1 Vs. 100 (What "no" con games would exist as part of no confidence swells?)

April 20, 2013: AACC Is The Place For The Helpful Courseware Man (Hardware stores catered to academia)

April 9, 2013: Notes From The Higher Learning Commission Annual Meeting (In Lyrical Form) (Speaks for itself)

March 11, 2013: Strat-O-Matic College Game (College as a dice-rolling game of probability)

February 19, 2013: Know Your (Intellectual Property) Rights (Obvious adaptation of Clash song)

February 9, 2013: Four Indications That Aimee Mann Songs Are Really About Academia (Speaks for itself)

February 1, 2013: True Football Schools (Colleges as football franchises)

January 23, 2013: Have You Ever Met The People You Will be Leading (Idealistic leaders from private industry as college presidents)

July 3, 2012:  Class City Rockers ("Lost in the Supermarket" adapted to fit higher education)

May 8, 2012: Is There A Script In This Class (On TV shows for educator/geeks)

September 6, 2011: If It Goes To Eleven, Will It Be On The Test? (Top 10 List apropos to first day of classes)

August 14, 2011: Box o' Memories (Creating your higher ed box set)

June 24, 2011: "Uh, One More Case . . ." (If Columbo could have had one more case--back on campus)

April 9, 2011: The Masters Isn't Good Enough Tournament:  Playing For The Elbow-patched Tweed Jacket (A higher education Grand Slam tournament)

March 20, 2011:  The Freewheelin' Credit Hour (Defining a credit hour)

March 15, 2011:   Beware the Ides of March Madness (Who wins the Google higher ed tournament?)

February 23, 2011: Creating a Social Community of Educators (Social network for education)

February 18, 2011: 12 Angry Profs (12 Angry Men set in context of higher education tenure decisions)