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Day 159: The Knack (Let Me Out)

June 27, 2022

Hey, Grizzly here.  I knocked out our webmaster and took over his blog. Stupid Marcus never told me how he and Sylvester had taken over the computer seven years ago and got a letter out to their representatives. Really, that dog must be getting senile.

I've been telling Marcus since Dr. Blog started his song series that I hoped I got to have a say for at least one song from my favorite album of all time, Get The Stick.

Huh, what's that Marcus? That's not the name of the album? It's Get The Knack by The Knack? I don't think so, old-timer. I know how bad your hearing has become, almost as bad as your farts.

I wanted to beat my master to picking something from Get The Stick because I didn't want him to waste the opportunity on that "Mice A Roaming," him doing that dorky imaginary dance with Winona Ryder in his mind.  I certainly feared he would go with "Good Girth Donuts," but might have lived with "Fresh Taters."  However, for me, the only song that matters on that album is the first one, "Let Me Out." It's kind of my mantra from the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed: "Let me out/come get me out/because I've been stuck in for too long."

When I see him grab that leash to take me out, how can I not howl "it's getting tighter and I'm feeling the bite"?

The singer is just relentless with the "let me out/let me out/let me out/let me out/let me out." I can just see him running around the coffee table three or four times while lard-ass decides to make his coffee first. 

Granted, Marcus wants to point out that it's a little too loud for his delicate 14-year old ears. Who cares, go ahead under the bed again, you pansy. Maybe he can't appreciate the ripping guitars or the pounding drum, especially as the song winds through its final "let me out/let me out/let me out." However, if art is to imitate life, then these guys, The Stick, have mastered the art of song-writing.

I am not saying they mastered it for very long. Even I will admit that if the little girls might understand that second album, no one else does, and the follow-up, Round Trip is, well, frankly, one dog of an album. But for 2:23 seconds (an eternity in dog years), "Let Me Out" is the anthem the dog world has been waiting for.

What's that, Marcus? You say John Mellencamp's "Get A Leg Up" should be our anthem? Hmm, them are fighting words.  Get the stick and let me beat you with it.

{Marcus's Note: Geez, what a tool. I am the one with the hard hearing? Those songs are "My Sharona," "Good Girls Don't," and "Frustrated," Grizzbutt!  And if you think Dad is thinking about Winona Ryder when rocking out to those songs, then you are really an idiot. Stop going at a 100 MPH, you idiot, and let the blood get to your head. God, I miss Sylvester.}

{Editor's Note: My apologies for this entirely unprofessional entry into the 365 songs series. What did we expect from a Schnauzer Terrier mix? And to Doug Fieger, Berton Averre, and the boys, welcome to a few more seconds of fame.}

The Knack. "Let Me Out." Get The Knack. Capital, 1979.  Link here.

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