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Day 167: Richard Hell & The Voidoids (Blank Generation)

July 24, 2022

Gene Rayburn: Welcome back to The Match Game, everyone. I'm Gene Rayburn and we are ready to start Round Two. Our first contestant is Richard Hell, who matched no celebrity from the first round. Here's hoping for something better, Richard.

Richard Hell: It's such a gamble when you get a face, Gene.

Gene Rayburn: Uh, sure. Anyway, make your choice, do you want A or B?

Richard Hell: B.

Gene Rayburn: B it is.  Celebrities, fill in the blank.  Blank Generation.

{Crowd giggles as camera pans across Gary Burghoff, Brett Sommers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Helen Reddy, Richard Dawson, and Fannie Flagg.  Cut to shot of Richard Hell, smiling confidently.  Music ends.}

Gene Rayburn: O.k. looks like everyone has locked their answers in.  Richard, what do you say, Blank Generation?

Richard Hell: Blank Generation.

Gene Rayburn (Awkward Pause): Yes, right, blank generation? What is your answer?

Richard Hell (long pause): Generation,

Gene Rayburn: What?

Richard Hell: Blank Generation, Gene.

Gene Rayburn (looking very confused): I don't understand.

Richard Dawson: Gene, darling, that is his answer. He is filling the blank with blank. It's really quite meta.

Gene Rayburn: Really? Is that right, Richard?

Richard Hell: Yeah, I can take it or leave it at any time.

Gene Rayburn: Alrighty, then. . . . Let's see if you matched any of our panel? Gary?  Blank Generation? What did you answer?

Gary Burghoff: Greatest.

Gene Rayburn: There you go, that is the way to do it. The greatest generation.  Brett?

Brett Sommers: Gary, you are so cute. You know nothing about the greatest generation. (Pinches Gary's face.)  The right answer is "My."

Gene Rayburn: Oooh, nice job, Brett, going with The Who?  Charles?

Charles Nelson Reilly: Who?

Brett Sommers: What?

Gary Burghoff: Who's on first?

Gene Rayburn: Stop it, you zanies!

Richard Dawson: This all seems appropriate given Richard's answer.

Gene Rayburn: Everyone stop! I am losing control of this show. Now, Charles show us your answer.

Charles Nelson Reilly: Silent.

Gene Rayburn: The Silent Generation! That's going a ways back, Charles.

Charles Nelson Reilly: No, that isn't my answer. I have been motivated by Mr. Hell to be silent on this answer. 

Brett Sommers (slapping him): You card.

Gene Rayburn (shaking his head): I don't get paid enough. I should have taken "Card Sharks" after all. Helen?

Helen Reddy: Greatest.

Gene Rayburn: There you go, Richard. Do you now see that the answer should have been something related to generations of humans?

Richard Hell: Yeah, I know, you fool. I belong to the blank generation. You, on the other hand, will be a cartoon long forsaken by the public eye.

Gene Rayburn: Wow!  O.k., looks like we've got a live one, but if Richard doesn't match Richard Dawson or Fannie Flagg, he won't be playing for the $500.

Richard Hell: Ooh, the air is so packed with cash.

Gene Rayburn: Richard Dawson, help us get this done.

Richard Dawson: I don't know, Gene, darling. I think Mr. Hell is really onto something. Tell me, Richard, and that is a very fine name, by the way, what's with that Voidoid t-shirt you're wearing? Are you all about nihilism?

Richard Hell: What's the point, man, to any of it? When I dine, it's for the wall that I set the place.

Helen Reddy: Wait, Richard Hell & The Voidoids? I have heard of him, Gene. My agent tried to get them to open for me in Vancouver.

Gene Rayburn: Is that true, Richard?

Richard Hell: I suppose so. We usually leave after our sets. Opening bands are truly God's consolation prize.

Richard Dawson: Lovely. I like this guy, Gene. We should book him back.

Fannie Flagg: I think he is cute.

Richard Hell: Well, I once was a Heartbreaker. Johnny Thunders, and all that.

Brett Sommers: Johnny Thunders? That sounds like an adult film star name.

Gene Rayburn: Enough! Back to the stupid game. Show us your answer, Richard.

Richard Dawson: Pepsi Generation, baby.

Richard Hell: And this is why I said blank. All of you and your consumer capitalism.

Gene Rayburn: Wow, Mr. Hell is getting preachy on us. Fannie, finish this up.

Fannie Flagg: Blank.

Gene Rayburn: What the hell? Did you really match him?

Fannie Flagg: I couldn't think of anything with Dawson's hands all over me.  So I thought I was being funny.

Gene Rayburn: The things I never thought I'd live to see. You got a match, Richard, and you stay alive until Meredith completes her turn.

Richard Hell: Oh, God, please kill me.

Richard Hell & The Voidoids. "Blank Generation." Blank Generation. Sire, 1977. Link here.

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