David Fleming
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The 19th Ward

April 3, 2020

The last in the line of COVID-19 poems? I suspect, although who knows what next week might inspire.  Certainly it seems apt to end with homage to all our nurses, doctors, respiratory techs, and other health care personnel for the work they are doing in these times.

The 19th Ward

We're dying here on the front lines

With no reinforcements coming from behind,

Our ideals and our oaths

The weaknesses in our cloaks.

If we don't die from a consumption

We are dropping from exhaustion,

Our desire to serve and save

Making us vulnerable each day.

Who's going to want to do the work

In the dreaded 19th ward?

The blood and the tears and the cost

Will leave all of us at a loss.

We're dying here on the front lines,

Working well up and past our deadlines.

For God's sake, when will it end?

For God's sake, can we get an amen?


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