David Fleming
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Educated And 19

March 30, 2020

Snow days have been extended

Just as the sprouts expand out,

And even side streets are cleared,

Beckoning me to ignore

The requests authority implore,

Yes sir, I am a sight to be seen,

Educated and 19.


C.V. is started, but I have no acceptance,

Despite the super intentions

Of those whose arrogance

Makes them think the end

Will come in time to fix

The problems long ago entrenched.

But, don't fret, sir, I'm educated and 19.


Why can't people start to see

That no matter what the policy,

My colleagues and I will be o.k.?

All the process through the years

Already has made me sheep to be skinned

Or the shepherd with lot to tend.

Eventually we all are educated and 19.


For those who come behind me,

We'll either get them up to speed,

Or bury them in deed.

Their problems will either be bigger

Or irrelevant to their years

As we redefine what we represent,

Which for now, sir, is educated and 19.


What comes beyond is changing

From what has gone before,

But you'd never know that from

The resistant pulling backĀ 

On the oars and the rudders,

Leaving the boat drifting in the water.

Baptize me, sir, I'm educated and 19.