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19 Swipes

April 1, 2020

Day 3 on 19 ruminations, captured in The COVID-19 Quintetene.  Today's topic: Dating in the Age Of Coronavirus.

19 Swipes

Swipe by swipe, I run through the crowd,

Being out there is so scary.

If I stop long enough to transact,

I worry about the space we'll share.

Logically if I keep going right,

I'll end up left out,

But I have to admit as I linger

I start to have my doubts.

You're 19,

You're beautiful,

And you're mine.


Will anyone take a swipe at me,

Pick me out from the masses?

If I post something provocative

Will it get me nothing but passes?

Logically if I keep myself open

I eventually will find a winner.

Don't know what I will do then

When there is no love for tinder.

You're 19,

You're beautiful,

And you're offline.


I swipe, you swipe, we all swipe,

Because we're told it's safe and clean,

Surely not the same stickiness

As the old nightclub scene.

Logically if I take this slow

I can ride out this seclusion

To find the perfect one

Or at least a temporary infusion.

You're 19,

You're beautiful,

And you're dying.

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