David Fleming
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The Wall is Down

February 15, 2017

The final piece in my "Walls" trilogy: "The Wall is Down."


Today, there was no border,

Someone assuming they were like me,

Cluttered my work mailbox

With hard copy

Of a never-ending meme

Cluttering my Facebook feed.

From what I could tell,

The circulation was to a select few,

Almost certainly chosen

Because of the assumed

Shared point of view

Of chuckle, not slow fume.

They guessed wrong at least once,

But many more did irritate.

Isn't it bad enough

That few can social media-te,

But also bring their bait

To the professional stage?

Keep the wall up

And we can believe there is a trace

Of, ironically, at least work's grace.

But, when the wall is down

We can't avoid the Face:

Please give us some personal space.


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