David Fleming
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I Do Love A Good Wall

February 1, 2017


I love a good wall.

After all, I play racquetball,

And get why Warren Zevon

Wanted to hurl himself against the wall.

I too need to feel bad

Rather than feel nothing at all.

But this wall along the bottom states

Won't again make America great.

Won't make us safe,

Affect the unemployment rate,

When "real" Americans

Won't want the jobs immigrants vacate.

Even worse is the wall between red and blue,

Splitting Washington D.C. in two.

Hypocrisy and posturing

Isn't a way to rule,

Just gamesmanship

And an ultimate fuck you!

No relief as walls come at me night and day

In the form of Facebook's dizzying array

Of vitriol, fake news,

And never-ending display.

And hypocrite I will be too

Posting this verse on display.

After all, I apparently do love a good wall.