David Fleming
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Your Place In Hell

October 24, 2018

When you share what shouldn't be shared,

You cemented your place in hell.

When you succumb to rhetoric of fear,

You secured your place in hell.

When you pretend to say you care,

You have a name plate etched for hell.

When you join forces with terror,

You have a ticket punched for hell.


When you leverage the moment for personal gains,

Hell awaits you with open doors.

When you like the knife that causes other pains,

Hell is too good when you settle your scores.

When you convince yourself you must abstain,

Hell is probably too good for your final tour.

When your outrage is so clearly feigned,

Hell might as well be all yours.


When in hell, take your place,

But leave room for the balding, tanned nut,

So that you can both turn face.

Set aside a corner for Cruella DeVille,

Who you so easily forgave the disgrace,

She brought upon the place you say you love.

After all, hell will ultimately be that place

Where you all will settle your bills.