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Transient Global Amnesiac

June 12, 2024

Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) is the still unofficial diagnosis of an incident I had this last weekend, in short, a, well, short memory loss. I don't need to wait for it to become official to wax poetic about it.

Transient Global Amnesiac

I stand before you,

Your resident transient global amnesiac:

I may not remember you later,

Make sure that works in your favor,

Or at least you get it in writing.


It's a step up from my time

As the restless intransigent global insomniac,

Where I remembered you as part

Of a middle-of-the-night march

Through the demons I was fighting.


Now it's all in my head,

Not just the regular tragic global cardiac.

The heart pumps, the blood flows

To keep me alive for the lows

Jumbled and fumbled by my wiring.


I will take this confusion

Over the resistant transactional global egomaniac,

Who will remember you later,

But never in your favor,

And who will put nothing in writing.