David Fleming
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Snake recoils, lashes forward, fangs flashing,

But he can't penetrate.

Donkey flares, kicks out, hoofs clacking,

But she can't make a dent.

Mouse cowers, scampers away, fur flailing,

She found no opening.

Tortoise lumbers, a long way to go,

Moving slow and sure.

Hare hounds, hops and bounds, 

Fable long since forgotten.

There's a road, dusty and dark,

Many have feared to tread,

Enemies' eyes deep in the woods,

Tortoise pretends not to care.

Muscles and sinews,

Fleshy parts so tender,

Ensconced in the armor,

God entrusted for his journey.

So for whatever hell you do foretell,

Be sure to embark with your tortoiseshell.