David Fleming
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The Vaccination Fight Song

August 19, 2021

How does a college navigate

A population that will not vaccinate?

Does it vacillate between acts

Of castigation, deprivation, 

And compensation, remuneration?

Do we follow the lead of Quinnipiac,

The potential liability act,

Of denying wi-fi,

And charging exorbitant fines

The leavers will never pay back?

Maybe we sneak in fees,

The practice of malfeasance,

Between activity and technology,

$1500 like Rhodes in Tennessee:

Nice compensation for campus unease.

Or, do we do as Purdue

With a paid tuition lottery,

Provide a year free,

(funded rather surreptitiously

Through federal relief).

Maybe it's pizza or, God forbid,

Chick-fil-A for everybody,

Or at least the eighty percent

Who already would consent

To the poke anyway?

My head is spinning,

The fatigue is setting in,

The patience is wearing thin:

Don't worry, I've had the vaccine,

But still have the herd to rein in.