David Fleming
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The Third Party Line

February 9, 2022

It's all over the news,

The theme of the day,

Companies writing the check

For employees to go to college.

What could be wrong?

What a wonderful benefit!

How could a third-party system

Of payment ever possibly go off the third rail?

ReConnect won't pay for developmental,

So glad the bureaucrat knows

What is best for the student

Who won't be paying anything,

And who if drops out can't be required to reimburse

Nor can the state be charged either.

Institution, eat it.

Let alone the dual enrollment disaster

Where a fourth party is now involved,

State to High School to College,

Bureaucrat telling secondary administratror

What the appropriate class is to take.

It is only a matter of time before Starbucks

Or Dollywood or, God forbid, Amazon

Dictates your common curriculum.

Yeah, that is good for education.

(How's that going with health care?)

Be careful what you wish for.