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The Joke's On Me

January 18, 2018

All kidding aside, this blog's a joke.  (And I have no idea to whom credit should be given.)

Once upon a time, there was a county fair where a local guy was determined to win the fattest man contest. The guy figured the best way to win the contest was to stick a cork up his rear end to stop himself from defecating, and proceeded to go weeks on end without unloading himself (so to speak).  So, the day of the fair came, and the guy walked up to the stage to be weighed. As he was doing so, however, a monkey, loose from his handler, walked up behind him and pulled out the cork.  The explosion was such as never seen, and dozens of people were hurt.

Of course, the local media rushed to cover the story.  A reporter asked one man, "what's the last thing you remember?" And he replied, "the poor little monkey trying to stick the cork back in."

That was easily the funniest joke I ever heard as a kid and still makes me laugh as an adult.  Until I find myself as the monkey. 

Anybody see where the cork went?