David Fleming
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January 23, 2019

One of my oldest and best friends lost his mother this week.  I guess it is good that we never get truly comfortable accepting death.


It hits you in waves,

Drags you down,

Lifts you up,

Anytime you try to conquer the swell,

Comforting the crushed

Hit by the unexpected crest.


The unresolved grief crashed in

As I confronted my own white lies,

Formed and foamed for support

That hid the truth the words belie.


'You'll have better days.'

But you'll have darkest nights.

'Revel in the memories.'

But try to forget the reveal.


Every story has an end.

Every end has a story.

I resent that for them

The card flashing finis came too soon.


And so we live life

In accordance with the tides,

Receding when the swell

Threatens to break us down,

Braking serving us just as well

In guard against the flood.