David Fleming
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No Argument From Me

June 3, 2024

This doesn't come as much surprise:

You've barely acknowledged me

When we've passed going separate ways.

What you've ignored was plain to see.


But as you change the locks on the doors,

Go ahead, get the paperwork, pay the fee.

Honey, I can assure you,

You'll get no argument from me.


I recognize the imperfections I brought;

We were hardly a healthy pair.

If I was the weed strangling your garden,

You were the vine taking all the air.


But as you decline all my mail,

Go ahead and commission your attorney,

Cause, honey, I can assure you,

You'll get no argument from me.


Perhaps if you'd started a bridge here,

We could have created some path forward,

But I leave you on your island,

While I swim to the nearest shore.


I am free from all the worries

In a place where I can think and breathe.

I don't know what it means for you

With your new dreams and beliefs.


But, as you ponder your new future,

Go ahead and blame me.

Remember, honey, as I assured you,

You got no argument from me.