David Fleming
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My Grandpa's Tie Clip

November 18, 2020

An accessory piece, I suppose, to "My Father's Tie" (July 30, 2015).


I needed something to hold it together,

The keeper loop long torn away,

Blade twisting in the wind,

Tail flipping to the front,

The threads of its origins,

Lost as the stitches 

Fray and resemble nothing

Like the designer intended.


I need something to hold me together,

A custom, an heirloom, a reminder

Why I get up each morning, put on a tie

And fight the fight against ignorance:

"This country is not ruled by experts

But by the Constitution"

Blares from my radio

And I fear I don't have enough of it.


But then I see it,

The 25-year anniversary clip,

A recognition of the dedication

Of a man who believed in this nation,

Working on an iconic railway line,

And remember the line

From whence I come,

And through him pull it all together.