David Fleming
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Monday, You're Finally Mine

July 8, 2024

Monday, you're finally mine.

After years of turbulence,

Scars and wounds abounding,

I pledge my vows to you.

No more of your interference

With my Sunday dalliance,

The way your agendas,

Your often vague expectations,

Turned a Sunday evening

Into unhealthy despondency.

Monday, you're finally mine.

No more of those awkward breakfasts

We shared for forty years,

When I couldn't bear to look your way,

Knowing the hell I'd have to pay.

My dread of our forced interactions

Starting in the darkest of your hours,

While Saturday came on like a dream,

You always were my nightmare

(not that you allowed me to sleep).

Monday, you're finally mine.

Indifference seemed your best defense

To the bitterness of all your suitors,

Dressed up, locked in, to another week.

Some destined to your morning meetings,

Heading headlong right into the fire,

Others lining up at your time clock

To meet their quotas or forecasts,

Expected to enjoy the crullers,

The fresh fruit in the break room.

Monday, you're finally mine,

In ways that no other day can fill,

When everyday looks the same,

It's my memory of us that lights the flame.

Friday might as well be Tuesday,

The other days as shapeless as they come.

I can now appreciate your figure

Without the cruel light of your former ways.

Monday, you're finally mine,

Now that you hold no sway over me.