David Fleming
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Life On A Curve

July 13, 2021

I really don't know what to tell you

When you come to me

With your head in your hands,

Your heart on your sleeve,

Or your mind on overdrive.

We live life on a curve,

Swerving to avoid disaster,

Swearing at the other drivers,

Scrapping the barriers,

Spinning through intersections,

Blindly believing that up ahead

At some unknown marker,

Our roads will straighten out,

The lanes will widen

And we'll never look back at the damage.

What is the norm when we all

Have sheltered and shaded

Our common standards away,

Leaving nobody in the middle

To filter out the noise?

We live life on a curve,

Paying way too much attention

To scores that have been posted

And scores long unsettled,

Praying for intervention

From he who tolls the bell,

Blindly believing that we are not average,

But special: the deepest thinkers,

The smartest monkeys,

The masters of our destinies.


I suppose since you wound your way

To the top of this hill,

I can offer you some wisdom still:

Life on a curve is the only way.