David Fleming
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In An Unfamiliar Place

August 1, 2019

If you come looking for me

You'll likely find me in an unfamiliar place,

Where the wallpaper's the same,

The decor mostly unchanged,

But with a rarely seen peace.

The directions remain true,

The freeways and hallways worn down

With the tread of demand,

A kind of circadian cycle where sound

Has replaced white noise for a few.


As you come looking for me,

Realize I am still defined by restricted space,

Where the conditions are constant

But the condition has widened

To appreciate new horizons I can see.

Maybe the tweaks take the credit?

Maybe I needed incisions to evolve?

The window can stay sullied,

But the sun doesn't dissolve,

My resolve feels even more wedded.


When you come looking for me,

Don't worry about invading my space.

Previous positions could strike me as unsafe.

Now I know how to manage in a fair way,

Focused, not bothered by the could-have-beens.

To breath and to dream,

To release and to debrief,

To see the forest and the trees:

Those who come to see me,

Please don't spoil this unfamiliar place.