David Fleming
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I At The Front Of Inertia

November 28, 2019

I at the front of inertia

(because I need to accept my place),

I leading inaction,


Not setting off ignition,

Not leading imagination,

I can't claim isolation,

When my spot's near the front of the train.


I can't find myself in the energy

Necessary to rise above.

I am lost at the back end of innovation,

Despite my chance at the front,

When I jumped off to impel incapacity.

Just the fact that I see I for I

Reveals that I am lacking in mastery

Of the role that the management requires of me.


Have I reached a moment in time

When I can never escape the middle,

Diddling around when others pull one direction,

And others drag me down?

I don't think I can fight the inertia anymore,

Wonder if I can even care enough to

Hold on the back side of ennui.

There but the grave of God go I.