David Fleming
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Give Me The Monster

March 2, 2020

Sometimes the work, sometimes just life, seems to dull the mind.  I worry that it could be permanent.  I worry when I listen with tears welling in my eyes to my heroes and fragments barely fill a blank page.

And then something emerges from the fog.  In the end, here, I seem to prove and disprove, at the same time, what I fear.

Give Me The Monster

I start truly blank,

Blinking in the dark,

I know somewhere deep

The creature lurks.

I wonder, do others

Easily provide the form

To what roams just outside

Of my consciousness?

Am I losing this?


There was a time

That I might alchemize,

Spontaneously resurrect,

In the spirit of the four

AM silence as I lie

Unable to sleep,

But now that must compete

With the doubts holding sway.

Am I losing my way?


I once could conceive

From the voices 

And the turn of phrases

Of those with keys.

But for now they fail

To break the stupor

That suffocates 

All that I believe.

Am I losing the need?


I must not concede,

I must still believe:

Give me one more day.

Give me one more original thought.

Give me a line

As sweet as a world on fire.

Give me a car and a Dylan tape,

Give me pictures

Vulgar, repackaged like this.

Give me powerful passion.

Give me a body on the beach.

Give me the loudest voice

Of all.

Give me a face

And a suitcase.

Give me a little bit,

Give me all this

And still nothing.

Give me a sky full of thunder

Give me the light,

Under the overpass.

Give me the stampede,

Give me the surface

Of her skin.

Let me hear the burst

Of a beautiful verse.

Give me the monster back.