David Fleming
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Elegy For Love

October 27, 2018

Nietzche named her wrong

And frankly was way premature

In a pronouncement that only came true

In a series of pipe bombs, bigoted posts,

And blighted souls.


We are all connected by a Love

That links our dreams, hopes and lives,

The holiest of spirits that defies

The lies and conceits that spill

From pulpits, podiums, platforms, and stumps.


Even in the darkest of times

Looking at my most despised confederate,

I see a common laugh, some shared history,

That brings me to bare arms

And open hearts.


Yet each night we lock our doors,

Shine a light on our walls,

And set out to expose our foulest reflections,

Crushing the barely kicking loving

That separates us from the pack.


This is our zeitgeist, our whitewash

Of what defines our spirit.

I stand here in front of you ashamed,

Knowing I bear some of the blame

For the loss of Love.