David Fleming
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August 2, 2018

A powerful summer storm provides the opportunity to think about the things that matter.


Just how high must I climb the wall

To see the light fall like you do,

To trace grotesque chiseled figures

That motivate and incite you?


Will of the vain, pain in the pane:

The narrative pulls, pursues you.

You are prone to the morning light

But still blind to the harsher glow.


You chart your course by stained glass

That you long to hold in your hands.

Create history from a myth,

See your vision as a grand plan.


Your sermon's your clerestory.

My response is just wainscoting.

Do not worry, though, about me.

I can turn away to the night.


Be warned that passion's peril

Begets risk when at such great heights.

A rush or a push and the drop,

The view fronting you, below sight.