David Fleming
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Canine Gladiators

September 12, 2011

Canine Gladiators

Black fur flying,
White teeth snarling,
Damn, these dogs can be so trying.

High-pitched yelping,
End tables tumbling,
A child's prompting not helping.

Fluffy tails wagging,
Younger dog mounting,
An adult voice nagging.

Belly and legs sprawling,
Older dog winning,
Little cur finally too galling.

Whole house shaking,
Stinky bodies hurtling,
The dead surely awakening.

Picture frame crashing,
Sheepish looks watching,
Now it's my teeth gnashing.

Brief silence ensuing,
Only heavy breaths panting,
Minutes later, repeated doing.

Open door swinging,
Back porch mutts whining,
Owners quietly singing.