David Fleming
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August 31, 2019

Thrown once,

Will it decoy or take down my prey?

Thrown twice,

Must mean it returned as deployed.

In between,

Did its path spiral down on me?

Tilted axis,

Means my aim can't be on the level.


My cast must go directly into the unknown:

Have I judged the weight accurately?

Do I understand the way the wind blows?

Will I have the power to overcome its strength?

I don't have time or opportunity

To test, try and error.

My projections are necessarily elliptical,

But the results may prove hysterical.


Assuming what I throw comes back,

How will it disclose its strikes?

Upon rebound, will the blades

Brandish the blood of innocent,

Or the tiny hairs of those armed,

Quietly waiting to attack,

Probably with less primitive tools

And no appreciation of the art?