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A Dog-Gone Sonnet

October 18, 2010: A Dog-Gone Sonnet

This poem is actually a little old, written when I decided to step down as president of and out of the faculty union to take an administrative position.  However, the joy of freedom and release is appropriate for a lot of us when we remove the yoke of any burden.

A Dog-gone Sonnet

In a hurry, my friend, you bolt outside,
Driven by physiological needs,
Seeking a place among dead grass and weeds,
Turning round and round in a circle wide
Until at some vague moment you decide
To unburden yourself from daily feeds.
A vulnerable position indeed
And eventually not denied.
Done, your relief is seen in joyous play;
You clearly feel the removal of weight.
Your eyes show the hope of a brand new day,
A sense of liberation in your gait.
Thanks to this discharge I feel the same way,
My destiny meeting exquisite fate.