David Fleming
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April 27, 2020

Wood is the traditional gift for 5 year anniversaries.


I present recurring receipts of wood,

The third time today comes with a steep price.

Multipliers of five should be relished,

Mileposts denote harmony, symmetry,

That are easy to count on in our minds.


'10 gave no chance to say goodbye to friends,

Ushered out, knife in back, absent weak chin,

I spent the day picking dandelions,

Never realizing the full effect

Would culminate in a full-blown train wreck.


'15 somehow ended worse, the goodbyes said

To suffice the rip in the universe,

Upon seeing two bodies transversed,

Forever linked I will contemplate

The day I entered and the day they went.


Now '20 leaves plenty of emptiness,

Hellos, goodbyes, sheltered paralysis.

I wish severance as re-occurrence

Not gifted experience for anyone

In quinquennial sense, mouthful it is.


Wood ain't being so rewarding to me.

'17 it really tried to kill me.

As I come upon another birthday,

I guess I now know it is best to save

Wood for future cold January days.