David Fleming
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The Man Going 'Round

December 9, 2010:  The Man Going 'Round

There's a man going 'round taking names,
but he has no interest in Santa's games.
He'll look for a weakness
Bombard it with meanness
And breathe deeply as he watches the flames.

There's a man going 'round saying, "let's be friends,"
but don't take the hand that he lends.
He'll say the right things
While stealing your rings
And delude himself about the rules that he bends.

There's a man going 'round with wads of cash,
but he spends it to allow him to crash.
His soul needs its sleep,
Even though it should weep
And tear at him until it leaves a big gash.

There's a man going 'round with two faces,
but neither one bears any sincere traces.
He looks the wrong way,
Whether night or day,
And lurks where we think are safe spaces.

There's a man going 'round who stared down this stranger,
And finally realized his handshake of danger:
Now it's clear he can't do harm
With his limitations of charm
And his abuse of the message from the manger.