David Fleming
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The Hat, The Ring

August 21, 2019

The hat, the ring,

The hope to which we cling.

The risk, the take,

The future at stake.


What if there's nothing in the hat,

No rabbit to display?

What if it's a hollow ring,

That beckons me today?


The ante, the pot,

The outrageous thought.

The move, the wait,

The potential checkmate.


What if the cache seems bare,

A few promissory notes?

What if only pawns stand by me,

Clutching their throats?


The coin, the well,

The long distance it fell.

The prayer, the power,

The darkness of the midnight hour.


What if the reservoir is dry,

The bottom dense, packed dirt?

What if my lifetime delay

Means the words come up short?


The ring: the hat,

The shirt, the pin,

Let me see what I got,

Cause I'll throw them all in.