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Swimming Against the Riptide

January 13, 2011:  Swimming Against the Riptide

(I wrote this one about 9 months ago, and only rediscovered it on one of many thumb drives!)

Number one with a bullet,
His song made everyone swoon:
A well-constructed melody
In a catchy little tune.

As if Brian Wilson emerged
From his exhausted state,
Penning the perfect pop song
Well worth the wait.

So we played and played
And played the A-side;
Didn't anyone listen to the flipside,
"Swimming Against the Riptide"?

His words promised warming rays
And a vision of ideal bliss,
The inspiring part of his craft
That was impossible to miss.

But, other themes go unseen
As the crowds rush to buy.
It it's not on the label,
Then it misses the eye.

And we play and play
And play the A-side.
We don't want to know of the flipside,
"Swimming Against the Riptide."