David Fleming
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Sustained Notes

April 7, 2021

I once soared as I sustained, 

That the scribbles could go on forever.

To relive such a lovely day,

When a grain, a germ, a glimmer,

Could send me off and running,

End in sight, a twinkle, a glint,

Words tripping off the tongue,

Capable and confident.

There was a time I could see

Those blue skies so clearly,

And built my sanctuaries

Brick by brick, level by level.

But I can't get off the ground,

Aspire for the spire in the cloud:

Who thought I'd be the kind

To wither in the face of trying?

Where do I find my inspiration,

The flicker in my soul spurred

By a need for revelation,

Now buried beneath my stupor?

I'd burn up all my papers,

Alone in the dark, if only from the ashes,

To hear the voice praising

Hallelujah to the ignorant masses.

I'd love to turn it on,

But the switch seems fully broken

On a setting much lower than

I have the capacity to mend.

I settle more for abbreviation

With little expectation

To peddle effects of elongation

Or presumptuous permanence.