David Fleming
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September 12, 2018

Sometimes it is not just the hurricanes that cause great damage.


We      can       each      select      how

       around  everyone  bring   to

                us    down,   To 


              innocents   lament

      the     center   abyss.    Goal   

to    fall     To,   spiral-bound  we're


 .reaches       farther    to       refrain        a        

      up    Sizing   .beaches       the      hit         

            up           spiral         to              

                  of           some


                 us         choose                        

           as        deadly        winds      

      the       terrain,       we     cycle  up,


{We can each select how we're spiral bound,

To fall to the center abyss,

Goal to bring everyone around us down,

Lamenting innocents missed.

Only some of us choose to spiral up,

As deadly winds hit the beaches,

Sizing up the terrain, we cycle up,

A refrain to farther reaches.}


As we come out of the spiral, prevailed,

Who will lead the frightened sheep

From the slaughterhouse to the dale,

All groggy from their stony sleep?*

Someone say why that can't be you and me

To ensure the center will hold,*

Allow our dreams to spiral endlessly,

To bring lost souls back to the fold.


*Lines from William Butler Yeats' The Second Coming, originally published in 1919.