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So now he posts once a month and it is this insensitive!

April 9, 2012:  So now he posts once a month and it is this insensitive!

It is either writer's block or completely tapped resources of good material, but I return to this blog very infrequently.  Even now when I do, it is to very briefly make fun of a higher education story this week, and to mock it with vague references to southern literature limiting even more potential readership.  Alas, we are what we tease: 

I know it is inappropriate to make fun of any story involving a potential kidnapping.  However, I can’t resist when I hear about this student trying to kidnap the President and former Vice President for Student Services at Faulkner University. 

Perhaps it would lead to the “Absalom, Absalom Syndrome,” where the hostages develop empathy for students all over the world.  

President Sutpen (the article fails to name Faulkner’s President or former Vice President, so I will simply have to assume the literary tie) will recognize that his idealistic view of academia is dangerously wrong, that our own mythologizing and re-casting of higher education’s history can lead to its own incestuous dynasty-building. 

Meanwhile, Former Vice President of Student Services Compson will carry the message all the way to Harvard University, where its President Shreve will act bemused at these tales of that “other” academia.

Far be it for me to imply that higher education is "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."