David Fleming
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Snow Falling On Seniors

January 28, 2019

The snow keeps falling,

Records for cold soon following,

The students may be frolicking,

But all goals and outcomes are fallowing.


New building's halls vacated,

Probably best given how they're ventilated.

My opinion of what to do vacillated,

Centuries-old premise violated.


The junction of high and college is vexing.

Out-of-towners find it so fetching,

But the roads merge from opposite forking,

My patrolman's torch barely flickering.


Daughters and sons will commute,

Or not if the buses will not commence,

Meaning that staying open will not compute,

We must decide if and when we will commerce.


Uncle Sam hands out the bill,

Father Time laments the drill,

Mother Nature flexes her will.

The results are expected still.