David Fleming
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May 14, 2024

I'm still trying to make you out

In this new space I occupy.

Is that you in a different shape,

A new form I cannot quite place?

I've known you for so long

As a presence looming like a front

Likely to twist me round and break me down:

Was it something that I said?

Did you not hear what I need?

Was it something that I did?

I am stuck until you respond.

Was it something I should've said?

Now, you're just trying to light my fuse.

Your presence only expanded

With each passing ticking of the clock,

A slow developing time bomb

That I struggled to cut off.

But now that the pressure valve's

Turned off and shut down,

I sense you exist as an ally,

Empty of any expectation,

Agnostic for all accounts,

The tonic to my toxins

As they dilute and diffuse.

And now I am thankful you

Are settling in all around me

Like a welcome home hug,

A blanket to warm and comfort,

As the world hums along.