David Fleming
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August 25, 2017

This poem combines the on-going observations of my post-cardiac arrest with some arresting music I have been listening to, especially songs that blend separate perspectives seamlessly.  My seams, parenthetically, show more than I like.


There is something in his demeanor

We've never encountered before.

(Do I have a fever?)

His sweat falls off his face

As he swoons and sways.

(I'm drifting away.)


I can't hear you anymore.

(Are you even listening to me?)

I can't hear.

I can't bear my sight going dim.

(Can't bear this vision of him.)


I might as well be tied down,

Held down, cooled down,

(Would you stop kicking?)

As my spirit sputters around,

Searching for what it doesn't fear.

(I am right here.)


He returns, the world still turns,

And the moon even eclipsed the sun.

(What was the fuss?)

We wondered if he would acknowledge us,

Appall us, absolve us.

(I'm just glad to still be us.)


Given another chance, will I

Learn from the mistakes I made,

(I can't let him out of my sight.)

Or did everything only seem like seconds

Because I never knew to be afraid?

(Don't give me a second fright.)


Are you even listening to me?

(I hear you loud and clear.)

(I will stay right here.)

Listen to me.

(Listen to me.)


It's a long path back

To the peace of mind we had.