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Reflections In A Stagnant Pool

April 7, 2019

Reflections from an academic conference, especially since the keynote speaker encouraged all of us to reflect frequently as part of happiness.

Reflections In A Stagnant Pool*

From the outset, I am among the walking dead.

8 AM we set out, shuffling to sessions ahead.

The discomfort of a foreign bed,

Regardless of the room we had to spread,

Leaves us cautious about the skin we'd shed.


Our theme is all about pathways maps.

Presenters warn us about all of our traps,

Tell us to be mindful of the gaps,

But it doesn't take long for all info to collapse

Into the deep desire for naps.


We all want to set our institutions on the right path,

Earnest to scaffold from a thin-bare lath,

But when speakers say, "I don't do math,"

While suggesting such classes should take a bath,

The exhaustion quickly equates to wrath.


The language can quickly descend

Into the jargon on which our illusions depend.

Transform?  Transgen?  Transcend?

I'd like to transition to the bar, my friend,

And reverse the day's downtrend.


It's not that I don't think there is worth

In the sessions and lessons set forth.

But we're all jammed into tight berth,

With little room or time for spiritual rebirth,

You might as well shovel on the last bit of earth.


We want to see our industry from inside out,

But our time together puts that all in doubt.

Our collective voice should build to quite a shout,

The singularity should represent true clout,

But gets twisted to reflect savage drought.

Bob Dylan, "License To Kill." Infidels. 1983.