David Fleming
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Red Flags

December 16, 2021

Red flag in the morning,

At least I’ve a warning.

Red flag at night,

Last minute slight.

I give you a figure

You verbally accept,

Agree to the rigor

That comes with the precept,

Demand something bigger

When you say you expect

The offer dig deeper 

Than what we had project.

Red flag in the morning, 

Some advanced warning.

Red flag at night,

Roach runs from light.

Try to turn the tables, 

Knowing today’s market,

Employees unstable,

Hiring at its darkest.

In the end, another fable

Lacks a moral target,

I must trust I’m able 

To find one more clear-cut.

Red flag in the morning,

I think I'm learning.

Red flag at night,

Tomorrow's bright.