David Fleming
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October 26, 2019

Dedicated to my wonderful twin sisters, Jennifer and Lisa, on their birthday.  While I am not willing to give away how much older they are than me, recognize that last year's birthday was a milestone one, culminating in a party that I had to miss. This year, too, I am unable to be with them while they celebrate on a much smaller scale.

This is their gift (and I am sure they are muttering about their cheap brother and how much it would have cost to send a bottle of wine).


So much we have all been party to,

The genetic pool that makes me see

Our father's face in you,

Our mother's smile coming through.


Let go, let's go, let it go,

Let the spirits flow.


The pain we've felt, the parting 

That breaks our hearts.

His gentleness, the calming sense,

A foundation from which we grow.


Let's go, let go, let it all go.

Let our spirits flow.


The talks we miss, the dazzling

Glint of intellect and necklace.

Her probing mind, chronicling pen,

And the history we had bestowed.


Let it go, let us go, let go.

Let their spirits flow.


As for me, I can't bring them back

Any more than I can the rings

Stolen from your rooms, or the surprise

On your faces as you descended the stairs.


Let it all go, let it go, let's go

Let old spirits flow.


Even now as I write and contemplate

The decades of love, 

The relentlessness of fate,

I celebrate a history to which we're party.


Let's go, let us go, let it go,

Let our spirits flow.