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September 27, 2016

Leave it to online gambling sites to show everyone of us how to be brilliantly sneaky.  Turns out that one such site, in an effort to get on Google's first page for "online gambling" hits, has inserted key phrases into text on various websites, most significantly college and university websites.  Take a look at the first example in the article, where Stanford University all of a sudden references "online slot machines for real money" as part of "how to build your college website."  The execution here is almost flawless, the final insertion virtually seamless.

So, yes, this is really slimy.  Much like a Donald Trump supporter, I urge everyone to look beyond that sliminess to see the potential.  I probably need to. My website here is going on 6 years.  I am the first to admit it is starting to look a little passé, to feel a bit tired.  There are some days I am sure Jay Cutler gets more hits from defensive linemen than my website gets visitor hits.

This, though, could change the playing field.  Just inserting the title of my book on all sorts of websites would be fantastic.  Easy money if I just did it with the most popular websites.

From this morning's CNN Headline at CNN.com: "Clinton Pokes, Trump Takes The Bait: It's All Academic."

From Twitter's homepage: "What's Happening: It's All Academic."

From this morning's ESPN Headline at ESPN.com:  "What To Make of 100-Win Cubs. It's All Academic. We'll Find Out In October."

From this morning's Buzzfeed.com: "11 It's All Academic Struggles of Going To College But Living At Home."

From the amazon.com home page: "Sign In For The Best It's All Academic Experience."

From the Mozilla.com home page: "Internet For People, Not It's All Academic Profit."

Should be even more easy money with college and university websites.  The problem is that I might hit that phrase already on the site.  Don't know if that would be like a double negative:

From Florida State's website: "This It's All Academic handbook Is titled 'It's All Academic.'"

From Fort Hays State's website: "Registrar's It's All Academic Office: It's All Academic."

From Colgate's website: "College Professors' It's All Academic View of Incoming Students: It's All Academic."

Ultimately, I see an opportunity to be really creative and to blend specific blogs right into college and university websites:

{Blank} University Accepted Into Labor of Division II Membership Process

Quick, Send In The Clowns FAQs about {Blank University}

To be eligible for {Blank University} scholarships, you must be in Good Standing For Something, Part II, with a GPA over 3.0.

Maybe the best thing I could do is simply insert my url whenever possible:

Davidflemingsite.comson College (Davidson College in North Carolina)

Sir Sandford davidFlemingsite.com College (Sir Sandford Fleming College in Ontario)

Sir Alexander davidFlemingsite.com College (Sir Alexander Fleming College in Peru)

Oh, well, it sounds like a lot of programming and higher level knowledge than I have.  Maybe I should simply encourage colleges and universities to insert their names into my website. With so many institutions suffering through enrollment declines, they need to embrace this alternative way of attracting new students.  I welcome {insert joke here} U.