David Fleming
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In This Time Of Submission

March 22, 2021

Capturing a number of recent activities and thoughts into one submission.

In This Time Of Submission

I submit my brackets

Immediately regretting my lack of tactics

Or my practice of believing

In the recurring tragic record

Of systematic picks that ultimately

Turn out to be regularly erratic.

In the end, it's all so damned anti-climactic,

The burning papers a lesson didactic.


I submit our Accreditation document,

A monument to a decade

Of institutional competence

And noteworthy accomplishments,

A complement to outstanding

In the field opulence.

In the end, we're all optimists,

Hiding our unseemly corpulence.


I submit to the science

Because I'd rather be compliant

Than needlessly defiant.

Collective action is reliant

For a people to find asylum

Through expertise's guidance.

In the end, I sit back in silence

And in knowing triumph.


I submit that love's a demand

That too many don't understand

Is romance's underlying design.

Vows cover not just circumstance

But elevate plans of commitment

Not pushed aside by sleight-of-hand.

In the end, a heart expands

That which body wants to recant.


I submit there's more I could say

About toxicity's field day

And the way the worst

Drag down the rest of us.

But I strive to be a man of good faith

And not get caught up in a melee.

In the end, I walk away:

There's more basketball to be played.