David Fleming
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In A Blue Field

February 26, 2023

I could have been on top of the mountain

In a blue field.

Left feeling like I passed with colors

Despite no yield,

And a decision between going home,

In a manner,

Or meandering down the local road

To no clamor.

What would my life have been like a decade

In a blue field?

The winds of destruction rippling through

My thin shield,

The loneliness in the immediateness

Of a crisis,

Soon followed by fiasco, implosion

And the righteous.

I'd have seen a lot had I survived long

In a blue field.

History's shown the sowing and thrashing

Bore a minefield.

They say grass may not always be greener

'Cross the border,

Ignoring that blues are always bluer

In lulls shorter.


I took a path that somehow allowed me

To be better steel'd,

This blue boy of blue mornings, blue days, but

Not in a blue field.