David Fleming
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I In Your Mirror

May 18, 2024

I still can't quite get accustomed

To the new lack of urgency,

To the underwhelming questions

Life now puts forth in front of me.

I no longer need to ponder

Into which lane I need to merge,

Worry about moments squandered

When major arteries converge.

I'm happy to no longer serve

As the house resident expert

On content arcane and blurred,

To be blamed if we come up short.

Slow and sated is the tortoise,

Glad to no longer play the hare,

I don't need much of a purpose,

Give me my tough shell and no flair.

Some might look over the shoulder

And hope to pick out the old me,

But whatever embers smolder,

Have been doused by stupidity.

If you want me, don't come nearer.

Everybody really should scram,

Because I in your rear mirror

Will just seem closer than I am.