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How did I get in ahead of that guy?

June 6, 2011: How did I get in ahead of that guy?

While I know the recommendation of It's All Academic on this Chronicle of Higher Education list of academic novels is merely the indication of one or more loyal fans, I am still stunned to see that the list, either this overall 50+ works, or the Top 10 list, is missing one writer of great academic works.  Where is James Hynes, author The Lecturer's Tale, Kings of Infinite Space, and Publish and Perish, a collection of wickedly fantastic short stories?

Has he become a victim of the kind of macabre other-worldly fates that befall his characters?  Is he Nelson Humboldt, finger of fate yet re-attached?  Has some force come through his ventilation system and dragged him from the academic literary world, leaving him face to face with his own creation, Paul Trilby?  Maybe Hynes has simply published and perished?

Luckily, James Hynes appears live and well.  Check out his website where one can find information about his Next novel, and see that he has been blogging away for 3 and 1/2 years. Maybe I can steal some ideas from his "cultwriter" page.  It would be the highest form of flattery, Jim.