David Fleming
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How Cruella DeVille Recruited Gary Busey For The John Birch Society

"I've got a proposition for you, an offer you can't resist.

The chance to topple totalitarianism,

Foundation already weakened by the selfish Machiavellis

Alive and well in our old stomping grounds."


"Why have you called me, reached out to me?

We haven't worked together since that ill-fated animated short

That left me despising the way your long, bony fingers

Reached every corner of the set."


"That was so many years ago, my dear sweet friend,

Not nearly as dreadful as your memory seems to depict.

Today I ask you to help bring down that menace

Representing all we hate about political correctness."


"Hold on a second, let me remind you of that movie

That plays forever in my aging mind.

'Don't mess with me, I'm a vindictive bitch,' you said,

A statement many of us found way too kind."


"Oh, you silly boy, that was then and this is now,

I have legions lined up behind me.

You remember their inflamed faces, don't you,

As they think about what could have, should have, been."


"Maybe I am slightly intrigued, after all I am no longer working

In that industry that cast us both into fame.

A prophet without a soap box is just a madman in the gutter.

I think I could stand a little taller."

"There you go, that's the spirit, think of all you left behind

On that day you ran to a different studio.

The dying, soon-to-be-extinct creatures left gasping for air

As you maneuvered your way out of their world."


"If I was saner, I would note now the puppies

Slain at your feet to drape yourself in your glory.

That younger version of me would reject your pleas

As it remembered your recurring lapses of integrity."


"Shush, why bring up those ghosts when there are bigger monsters to slay?

Our pasts are irrelevant in a world where the instant rules the day.

Join me in this membership and put purpose in your life.

You'll wake up every day with a new vigor to cleanse the place."


"I have to admit I do like a good conspiracy,

Appreciate the angry and bitter company

That makes me stronger than I ever was before,

And redefine my public image."


"Then all is done here, simply sign in blood if you wish.

Go recruit two more for our little scheme.

Come back here tomorrow with a 200 word diatribe

And let me spin it for you while I stay back and hide."


So children, young and old, that's how these things grow.

Evil is seductive even when the succubus is gross.

The timid will soon be admitted, committed, then told

To let loose their venomous prose.